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Clarence is Back!

Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance are two essential factors in your Risk Management plan, but are often overlooked, our they are used without an understanding of what they really are or the value they provide.

Join me for the second in my series to help you with Understanding Risk - Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance. Let's continue your journey to becoming a quality leader in your field!


Payroll can be your biggest expense so you need to make sure it is right!

I want to share my passion for internal audit in this beginners level course to help you get the most from your payroll department. Join me and make sure your payroll systems internal controls are working for you.

The course will be launching soon so now is the perfect time to sign up for pre-enrolment


Audits aren't just about ticking boxes, a lot different skills are need to conduct them properly. One of the biggest skill sets you need are soft skills. My new blog looks at how these soft skills can help make your audit results stronger


I have been doing a few of these Not for Profit reviews lately and it occurred to me that not everyone is aware of the standard that should be used to conduct the review. To make it a little easier to determine if you are compliant I have put together a checklist of things your reviewer should be asking for if they are reviewing to Standard ASRE 2400


Risk - it is something every business faces. Learning to assess and manage risk is a skill needed to ensure your business is a leader in quality in your industry.

While this is a serious topic it doesn't mean that we can't have some fun with it! Which is what I have done with this presentation. 

Join me for the first in my series to help you with Understanding Risk - What is risk?



Beyond the requirements of external standards, regulations and legislation, knowing what to include in your annual internal audit schedule can be frustrating! 

This quick guide has been designed to look at a few simple audit ideas for different departments within most businesses and to give you some starting points to create a basic audit schedule. 

With Internal audit now becoming a requirement, businesses sometimes find they are hiring audit staff purely to be able to tick that box, but then have no idea what to do with them.

An internal audit should be a constructive exercise designed to determine the extent to which procedures and practices in a management system are being complied with and to determine the effectiveness of the system. It is also a tool that can be used to identify improvements to the business processes and help with internal communications.



Unsure what you should be looking at when auditing your IT Department? Our free guide provides information on the general audit areas and the related control checks that should be considered to ensure you cover the basic compliance requirements                           

Hands up those of you who have a stack of documents – things like policies, procedures, work instructions, forms etc. sitting on a shelf somewhere in the office gathering dust. You know the ones, you read them the first day you start the job, put them aside and never look at them again. Don’t be shy, we have all been there!

Not sure if your document controls are working for you? Take our quick document health check and see how they rate

The Care Factor

Doing what you are told is the easy part, being willing to understand the reason behind it and consequences of your actions takes a bit more effort and courage


Bursting the Bubble (Original Publication Date 21/03/2017)

One thing we often see in internal auditing is that each department is working within a silo, staying inside their own little working bubble oblivious to what else is happening around them in the business. 


So, What Is Your Job? (Original Publication Date 22/02/2017)

Over the years I gotten very used to family and friends telling me they have no idea what I do for a living. What I did find interesting is that when I applied for audit roles at accounting firms some of the feedback I received included ‘We don’t know where you would fit with what we do’



I Quit Sugar! (Original Publication Date 24/01/2017)

January is almost over and we are starting to look at all those New Year’s resolutions we made for ourselves, all the things that we were going to stick to that would make our lives better than previous years!

Now please don’t take offence but the resolution I get a little chuckle out of is the “I am quitting sugar” ones.

I have a similar chuckle when I get told a business goal for the year is to eliminate all risk. Just like getting rid of all sugar, getting rid of all risk isn’t as easy or practical as you might think.